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Photobucket Current promo: Slowpoke : Available till Thursday <><><><><><>News !!!! : Working on V 3.5 Will release once we get 50 Members so get People to join. l Admin News : ~Infernape~ : Its my Birthday so Free Birthday Promo Get it at the Promo section ! l Milezy: Meh.



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Different store's from anywhere and everywhere.
59 132 2018-04-07 01:30:58 by produkherbal


*This is a Spoiler* so if you have a Spoiler allergy then get away from here ;D
13 63 2017-05-18 06:25:29 by markysa

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Redirected forum

Mystery Cave

Find Gold in this Mysterious Cave. Update: Odds have been changed to make finding things fairer. Coming Soon: Trainer Battles + wild pokemon
Redirected forum


A Once in a lifetime Adventure save the world and beat the Sinister Shadow X !!!
Redirected forum

Starter Island V2

The Starter Island is being updated to include new pokemon + random trainer battles

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Gym Battle's

This will cover all of them Gym leader's.
15 27 2018-04-25 08:04:04 by breezer

Gym Leader battles

Create a your own Topic and then Post what Gym you wanna battle and post to battle another Gym leader.
11 83 2015-06-06 03:52:36 by DaniBrentn

Speed Battle's

Choose your NPC to battle and Train.
10 20 2018-04-25 07:59:25 by breezer

Speed Battle Training

Just like Gym leaders same thing here Make topic and stuff.
111 421 2018-04-25 07:50:31 by breezer

PvP Section

Battle a Online Member !!!
8 53 2018-04-25 08:07:47 by breezer

User Gyms

Make your own Gym (Need to be Mod or have 4 Badges)
6 7 2016-01-02 19:09:37 by FelipeScot

Random Trainers

Fight them Here. You Have to Encounter them in the maps first though
6 15 2018-04-25 08:09:20 by breezer

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Vote for Promo's ,new Map's , etc.
8 41 2015-06-06 09:01:26 by DaniBrentn


Post anything here if you want or have a Talk and also Ill post events here also so check Regular.
12 106 2018-02-13 05:50:11 by vimax01

Transfer to IR Story and From IR story

Transfer your pokemon to Storymode !!!
3 11 2015-04-04 08:31:32 by canghai001

Sprite Shop

Sell and Show your own Sprites !
9 49 2017-07-01 21:25:27 by vimax01

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Redirected forum

Chat box

Go here for chatbox :D

Trading Section

Trade here to Evolve or Get other Pokemon.
2 2 2015-02-21 14:10:41 by NydiaJuanq

Evolution Area

Evolve all your Pokemon here when they are the Correct lvl and check the Dex to check.
4 12 2015-04-09 18:12:27 by abilify10mg

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Guess the Word !!!

Mostly Guess the word but you can win Prizes like : Infernos, Pokemon and Items
12 58 2017-08-17 06:20:38 by ellisquin


Here is the Lottery you can Only earn Infernos anybody can enter !!!
4 30 2015-04-04 08:32:42 by canghai001

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Using the Dex we can Post your Moves here for which Moves they Have.
6 14 2015-06-05 21:38:00 by DaniBrentn


Here is the Pokedex It Covers : Kanto
6 16 2015-02-14 03:50:45 by DamonWGBmw

Collapse The Adventure Begins V.2

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Choose Your Nickname,Use the PC,Rest (Save) + (Update) Check your Stat's !!!
70 106 2018-04-21 10:59:51 by kellyelmore


Hold you Pokemon here.
10 35 2015-04-14 02:01:21 by canghai001

Starter Kit

This is where you get a Starter Kit also it goes into your bag.
2 29 2015-04-09 18:10:23 by abilify10mg


Hold your Items here.
6 18 2013-11-02 16:32:38 by rD7mE7iH6q

Starter Pokemon

Get your First 3 (4) Pokemon
19 70 2018-02-27 10:30:11 by HarryJenkins

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