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Mythical Inferno V.2
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Infernapes PC

Umm here is my Starter

Eevee Level 150 [HP=724]

Supākī (Sparky) Level 100 [HP=380]

Metagross Level 101 [HP=391]

Rayquaza Level 105 [HP=421]

Genosect Level 111 [HP=462]

Supīdo (Speed) Level 125 [HP=513]

Infernape Level 150 [HP=681]

Girade Level 15 [HP=72]

Hydratina* (Doragon)  Level 15 [HP=67] *Items Equiped*

Girade Level 15 [HP=72]

Diaquaza (Infernapes Legacy)* Level 15 [HP=71]

Mewtwo (Armor) Level 15 [HP=85]

Raidos Level 15 [HP=68]

Crystal Lugia* Level 20 [HP=104]

Reginoir Level 15 [HP=81]

All the Stuff you see are Pokemon that will be Released soon. * = Admin Exclusive



2011-05-26 01:35:16


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Re: Infernapes PC

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Re: Infernapes PC

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