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From: Nickname - Milezy
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Milezy's Pokedex

Pokemon obtained so far:

Gen 1:

(#4) Charmander, (#16) Pidgey, (#19) Rattata, (#23) Ekans, (#25) Pikachu, (#43) Oddish, (#133) Eevee, (#137) Porygon (#147) Dratini.

Gen 2:

(#158) Totodile, (#197) Umbreon, (#225) Delibird, (#236) Tyrogue, (#241) Miltank (Moocow), (#228) Houndour.

Gen 3:

(#335) Zangoose, (#374) Beldum

Gen 4:

Gen 5:

Gen 6: (#652) Diaquaza

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NPC's beaten: Amanda, Alex, Ash, Chelsea
Gym leader's beaten: Brock, Misty
Items:, other items are located here: My Bag x 3263 x 332

Pika  Level 13 [HP=43]

Diaquaza* Level 5 [HP=65]*Item Equip*

Surasshu (Slash) Level 5 [HP=24] *Item Equip*

Dratini Level 11 [HP=41]

Crystal Lugia* Level 5 [HP=65]

Golden Rayquaza - Level 5 [HP=25]

*Admin Exclusive - Helping out



2011-05-27 14:01:49


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Re: Milezy's Pokedex

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Re: Milezy's Pokedex

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