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Photobucket Current promo: Slowpoke : Available till Thursday <><><><><><>News !!!! : Working on V 3.5 Will release once we get 50 Members so get People to join. l Admin News : ~Infernape~ : Its my Birthday so Free Birthday Promo Get it at the Promo section ! l Milezy: Meh.



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Huj's pc

Yeah. :x

NPC Beats : Ash, Amanda, Alex
Gym Beats :Brock
Badges :

Shiny Squirtle lv 14 [HP=48]

Pikachu Level 3 [HP=22]

Pidgey Level 1 {HP=15}

Beldum Level 1 [hp=15]

Aerodactyl Level 5 [HP=23]

Torchic lv 5 [HP=20]



2011-05-20 01:35:24


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Re: Huj's pc

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