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Choco Chip
Tassy Is Raving
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choco's EVO topic!

Well here we go!

week 1:
1. Bulbasaur!  .~'DONE'~.
2. .~/'NONE'\~.
3. .~/'NONE'\~.

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NPC's beat: Alex, Amanda
Shiny Ivysaur Level 17 [HP=72]

Pidgey Level 1 {HP=15}

Elektrizität (electricity) Level 1 [HP=16]

Golden Miltank Level 1 [HP=20]

Beldum level 1 [HP=15]

Chikorita lv 5[HP=20]



2011-06-05 02:39:35


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Re: choco's EVO topic!

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Re: choco's EVO topic!

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