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Mythical Inferno V.2
From: Volcanos
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Kanto dex

Bulbasaur -16- Ivysaur -36-  Venasaur
Charmander -16- Charmeleon -36- Charizard
Squirtle -16- Wartortle -36- Blastoise
Caterpie -7- Metapod -10- Butterfree
Weedle -7- Kakuna -10- Beedrill
Pidgey -16- Pidgeotto -36- Pidgeot
Rattata -20- Raticate
Spearow -20- Fearow
Ekans -22- Arbok
Pikachu - Raichu
Sandshrew -22- Sandslash
Nidoran (F) -16- Nidorina - Nidoqueen
Nidoran (M) -16- Nidorino - Nidoking
Clefairy - Clefable
Vulpix - Ninetails
Jigglypuff - Wigglytuff
Zubat -22- Golbat
Oddish -21- Gloom - Vileplume
Paras -24- Parasect
Venonat -31- Venomoth
Diglett -26- Dugtrio
Meowth -28- Persian
Psyduck -33- Golduck
Mankey -28- Primeape
Growlithe - Arcanine
Poliwag -25- Poliwhirl - Poliwrath
Abra -16- Kadabra -Trade Alakazam
Machop -28- Machoke -Trade- Machamp
Bellsprout -21- Weepinbell - Victreebell
Tentacool -30- Tentacruel
Geodude -25- Graveler -Trade- Golem
Ponyta -40- Rapidash
Slowpoke -37- Slowbro
Magnemite -30- Magneton
Doduo -31- Dodrio
Seel -34- Dewgong
Grimer -38- Muk
Shellder - Cloyster
Ghastly -25- Haunter -Trade- Gengar
Drowzee -26- Hypno
Krabby -28- Kingler
Voltorb -30- Electrode
Exeggcute - Exeggutor
Cubone -28- Marowak
Koffing -35- Weezing
Rhyhorn -42- Rhydon
Horsea -32- Seadra
Goldeen -33- Seaking
Staryu - Starmie
Mr. Mime
Magikarp -20- Gyrados
Eevee - Vaporeon Jolteon Flareon
Omanyte -40- Omastar
Kabuto -40- Kabutops
Dratini -30- Dragonair -55- Dragonite

Credit : Huj for Evolution's

Hydratina* (Doragon)  Level 15 [HP=67] *Items Equiped*

Girade Level 15 [HP=72]

Diaquaza (Infernapes Legacy)* Level 15 [HP=71]

Mewtwo (Armor) Level 15 [HP=85]

Raidos Level 15 [HP=68]

Crystal Lugia* Level 20 [HP=104]

Reginoir Level 15 [HP=81]

All the Stuff you see are Pokemon that will be Released soon. * = Admin Exclusive



2011-05-25 22:03:56


#2 2013-11-04 18:04:37

Advanced Poke Trainer
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Re: Kanto dex

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