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Delibird Level 1 [HP=15]

Riolu Level 1 [HP=15]

Pidgey Level 1 [HP=15]

Poochyena Level 1 [HP=15]

Ekans Level 1 [HP=15]

Slowpoke Level 1 [HP=15]
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Cyndaquil lv 5 [HP=20] [img]  Riolu Level 1 [HP=15][IMG][/img]

Eevee Level 1 [HP=15]

Ditto Level 1 [HP=15]     

Duskull Level 1 [HP=15] 

Mew Level 1 [HP=15]



2011-06-27 06:50:33


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Re: lightingmew'box

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