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#1 2011-05-26 02:56:39

Choco Chip
Tassy Is Raving
From: The Club
Registered: 2011-05-12
Posts: 85
Inferno: 263
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GTW #2 ?

IF i can, here we go!

Best Selling Franchise
P o k e  m o n !

Milezy Wins D:

NPC's beat: Alex, Amanda
Shiny Ivysaur Level 17 [HP=72]

Pidgey Level 1 {HP=15}

Elektrizit├Ąt (electricity) Level 1 [HP=16]

Golden Miltank Level 1 [HP=20]

Beldum level 1 [HP=15]

Chikorita lv 5[HP=20]



2011-05-26 02:56:39


#2 2011-05-26 07:26:10

Master Poke Trainer
From: A Cave *Nickname - Lizard*
Registered: 2011-05-16
Posts: 104
Inferno: 76
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Re: GTW #2 ?

K Z E I and S

I am the inferno spriter
NPC's Beaten: Ash

Key items: Pick-axe

my team:
Charmander lv 7 [HP=26]

Sparky Level 1 [HP=16]

Totodile lv 5 [HP=20]

Treeko lv 5[HP=20]

Mew Level 1 [HP=15]

Anything in my avatar is made by me Lizardjiblet



#3 2011-05-26 11:10:25

Retired Trainer
From: Nickname - Milezy
Registered: 2011-05-17
Posts: 379
Inferno: 168
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Re: GTW #2 ?

P, M, N , O  , T

NPC's beaten: Amanda, Alex, Ash, Chelsea
Gym leader's beaten: Brock, Misty
Items:, other items are located here: My Bag x 3263 x 332

Pika  Level 13 [HP=43]

Diaquaza* Level 5 [HP=65]*Item Equip*

Surasshu (Slash) Level 5 [HP=24] *Item Equip*

Dratini Level 11 [HP=41]

Crystal Lugia* Level 5 [HP=65]

Golden Rayquaza - Level 5 [HP=25]

*Admin Exclusive - Helping out




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